Life among the Dinosaurs

Have you experienced a moment when you realized you are older than you thought? I had one of those just the other night as I read a children’s book from the 1990s to my young grandson, Noah. One of the characters needed to call his dad, so he picked up the receiver and dialed the phone on a nearby table.

Noah leaned closer to the illustration. “What’s he doing?”

“He’s calling his daddy,” I said.

“But what’s that in his hand?”

“It’s a phone.”

“No, it isn’t!”

“Noah, believe me, it’s a phone—just like we all used to have. We’d pick up this part,” I said as I gestured to the receiver in the picture. “And we’d hold it like this while we pushed the numbers on the base. The older ones had a little wheel on front, and we’d put our finger over the numbers we needed, one by one, and turn the wheel.”

He stared at me, bewildered.

Then I remembered a local phone display. “Noah, next weekend, we’ll go to the museum, and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Okay?”

He nodded and let me continue reading to him, but occasionally he glanced up at me as though wondering what it was like to live in a cave when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

When I came home that night, I opened my office closet. I can’t wait to show him the manual typewriter used to address envelopes.

How about you? What everyday items do you have that amaze the younger generation? And after you make your list, come on over for a cookout. I’ll supply the dinosaur ribs.

About sandrapaldrich

Sandra P. Aldrich, author and popular speaker, loves the Lord, family and all things Appalachian. Isaiah 41:9-10
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8 Responses to Life among the Dinosaurs

  1. Cyn Rogalski says:

    ooooh ribs like Fred Flintstone used to have? Can’t wait Sandra!


  2. Sue Gibson says:

    Love it! I am an official dinosaur member! (((((((HUGS))))))))!


  3. Virginia Rush says:

    LOL….I have any number of things!!!!!! I throw away nothing!!!! but the grandgirls used to play with my rotary dial phone….I keep it for when the lights go out, still have a way to call to report it…..


  4. Dayle says:

    Too funny, Sandra. A similar thing happened to me many years ago, believe it or not. The church school I worked for at the time still had the old dial phone in one of their offices. One day a youngster walked in and needed to use the phone. When I pointed to it, he said, “Now what do I do?” And this was back in the early 80’s! My, my …. how time flies and, yes, I’m an official dinosaur.

    I have an attic full of stuff that is sure to mystify whatever grandchildren the Lord may grant me one of these years.


    • Hey, maybe we should start a Dinosaur Club, Dayle. We’ll display phones and typewriters and cameras and other goodies from our closets. And visitors will pay us to show them how the items work!


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