“Don’t Quit Now!”

Ever have days when your to-do list is too long? Or feel as though personal creativity is a memory? That’s where I was a while ago with my latest deadline. But this time before I gave up—-or reached for the chocolate—-I turned to the Book of Hebrews for encouragement.

Ever have Scripture seem to glow? That’s what I experienced as I read the first half of verse 35 in Hebrews 10 –“Do not throw away your confidence.” Immediately, I remembered a long-ago Saturday when my daughter and I went horseback riding.

At the stable, her favorite horse was available, but the docile critter I usually rode was already on the trail. Soon a large black horse was led to the mounting block. I sighed and placed my left foot in the stirrup and started to swing my right leg over the saddle. But the horse decided he didn’t want me on his back and began a sidestep dance. There I was, one foot in the stirrup and the other poised in midair.

The frantic stable owner hopped from foot to foot below me. “Don’t quit now, ma’am!” he yelled. “Don’t quit now!”

Are you kidding? I couldn’t quit. I had no choice but to grab the little strength I had, shift my weight and shove my right foot into the stirrup. The horse gave a defeated snort, and I turned his head toward the trail.

So on wearying days, let’s ponder the words of the stable owner and Hebrews 10:35–“Don’t quit now!” and “Do not throw away your confidence.” Yes, good things are ahead.


About sandrapaldrich

Sandra P. Aldrich, author and popular speaker, loves the Lord, family and all things Appalachian. Isaiah 41:9-10
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8 Responses to “Don’t Quit Now!”

  1. admirable says:

    That is awesome story and a great verse.


  2. CJ Hines says:

    I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but it sounds hilarious! Great advice, as always.


  3. Good one! Amazing how circumstances can throw us back into God’s Word. (I do have to confess, I already went for the chocolate!)


  4. I finished my WIP last week, wondering if it was any good at all. I liked the book but wasn’t sure anybody else would. I gave it to a reader to check it out. He loved it. Said it was the best I’d ever done. What we feel is not always reality.


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