The Beautiful Square Button

Have you ever felt inadequate? Oh, I have! In fact, over the years and despite my supposed accomplishments, I struggle with who I think I should be as a Christian woman. After all, shouldn’t I be slim, silent and musically gifted? Well, none of those attributes describe me.

But I’m learning—finally—to encourage myself with the delicious thought that our heavenly Father creates individuals and not assembly line robots. Yes, I need to take care of my health and keep working on my weight, but it’s okay to be who I am.

As a fun reminder, I have on my desk a pint jar filled with antique buttons: tiny pinks from a baby’s garment, coarse browns from a work shirt, bright blues from a Sunday dress, and my favorite—a bold red, green, and purple square button that may have “fancied up” an otherwise drab winter coat.

I found the jar in an antique shop one day when I was convinced I’d never fit the “proper woman” mold I felt others wanted me poured into. Actually, the jar I bought sat next to one filled with only white pearl buttons. I ignored the pearl collection and purchased the jar filled with contrast and color.

Now, whenever I get into a I’ll-never-be-perfect mood, I need only to look at that jar to be reminded life would be boring if we all were the same. So if you’re a bold red, green, and purple “button” like me who doesn’t fit in the pearl-button world, rejoice! All of us are needed—and fit—in God’s perfect, interesting plan.

About sandrapaldrich

Sandra P. Aldrich, author and popular speaker, loves the Lord, family and all things Appalachian. Isaiah 41:9-10
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6 Responses to The Beautiful Square Button

  1. Thank you for the beautiful and timely reminder, Sandra. I have a tin of treasured buttons my Grandmother gave me. I have old memories of digging my hands into the depths of buttons, pulling up a handful, and letting them fall between my fingers. The sound of buttons falling is still within my ears. I may have to put some of them in an antique mason jar and put them on my desk as a reminder of your wonderful insight as I, too, will never fit in to what the world desires. But then again, I would never want to.


  2. It seems the message for today is encouragement. This is the second post my eyes have seen today on this subject. So nice to know God knows what we need each day. I knew a long time ago that I didn’t fit into the mold. My battle is figuring out how I fit into God’s plan.


  3. When Sam and I married I told the minister that we had one of every type in our blended family. It takes lots of grace to accept all our differences. In the future I will think of your buttons. What a great reminder that we are all different yet more than acceptable in His sight.


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