Don’t Wait for Roses

000_photoSingle women, do you sigh over red roses in the flower shop? Do you long for that perfect man to ring your doorbell and say, “Hi. The Lord sent me” and hand you a bouquet? If so, please allow me to gently say, “Stop!” Waiting for someone to bring you roses—and fulfill all your other dreams—merely masks the joy in this day.

As I entered my second year of widowhood, friends asked when I’d remarry. I laughingly answered I wouldn’t ponder that until somebody arrived with roses. Then I changed the subject.

Later, I asked myself if I really would be attracted to a flower-toting guy. Then I made an important decision: I would plant my own garden.

Soon I was at our local gardening shop, buying rose bushes and peat moss. For the next several months, I pruned and sprayed—and kept fresh roses throughout the house, quietly marveling at the fragrant blooms.

That simple decision nudged me to ponder ways I could plant a garden in other areas, including changing careers. I smile now at the incredible path my life has taken. Oh, what I would have missed if I had waited for someone to bring me roses—and supposedly rescue me.

Hear me: This is not a demand for forever singleness. It’s an encouragement for us to learn more about the Lord’s strength—and our own. Yes, continue to pray for a future mate if you want. But in the meantime, let’s ask the Lord how we can plant our own gardens.

I’m confident you already have done exactly that. Perhaps in more ways than you realize. As you ponder your list, I’m sure you’ll smile. And I’m convinced the Lord will too.


About sandrapaldrich

Sandra P. Aldrich, author and popular speaker, loves the Lord, family and all things Appalachian. Isaiah 41:9-10
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