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The Breathin’ Part

Nancy Bingham Farley Years ago, when my beloved grandmother Mama Farley died at age ninety, my husband, Don, and I decided our then five-year-old daughter, Holly, and six-year-old son, Jay, would attend the Kentucky funeral with us. During the long … Continue reading

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Warm Blackberry Cobbler for a Cold Day

Most of the nation is enjoying spring blossoms now, but this morning I awakened to snow in my Colorado yard. Thus, a warm Kentucky cobbler is a perfect dessert for a day like today. Large, juicy blackberries grow wild in … Continue reading

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Zetta’s Coal Camp Christmas

After a restless night, Zetta dressed quietly and slipped into the kitchen. The snow still was falling. She watched the soot absorb the flakes, then picked up an orange from yesterday’s school party and breathed deeply of its fragrance before … Continue reading

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A Perfect Rainy Day Dessert

I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer. But where is the time going? Here we are heading toward the end of July already. Lately, Colorado has been experiencing more than its share of thunderstorms, so I often have to … Continue reading

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A True Appalachian Dessert

A True Appalachian Dessert What’s your favorite dessert? One of my many is strawberry shortcake, so I enjoyed making that last evening. But even as I served the dish to friends, I thought about the “sweets” Zetta Berghoffer, the main … Continue reading

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Believing Makes It So

Even though I’m a card-carrying member of AARP, I still ponder the wisdom my maternal grandmother, Mama Farley, possessed. The world undoubtedly saw her as a simple Appalachian mountain woman, but her strength and understanding of life rippled out to … Continue reading

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When We Feel Unappreciated

How’s your day going? Are the demands exceeding the accomplishments? I know that reality, as do most of you—especially if you are a single mom. I’ve learned from experience how difficult that role is. Yes, we’d love to have a … Continue reading

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“Pray–While You’re Pulling Weeds”

As you face daily challenges, do you ever wonder how much is your part and how much is God’s? Oh, I do. During those times, I like to ponder a childhood scene from my Kentucky farm days. Our community was … Continue reading

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“The Breathin’ Part”

News of a neighbor’s death caused me to ponder what practical help I could offer the family. As I made my mental list, I remembered a long-ago scene. Even though our children were young when my grandmother died, they remembered … Continue reading

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Grandmaw Stacy–a Family Story

Recently, a relative sent me a box of mostly unlabeled photos. I’m frustrated when I don’t know who the people were or when or where the shots were taken. And for days after receiving such a  package, I encourage (badger!) friends, family, readers, innocent folks … Continue reading

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