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When You Don’t Want to Smile

            March 12, 1963–Cumberland River Flood, Harlan County, Kentucky  I left for the airport in plenty of time, but I wasn’t looking forward to this trip. After I had accepted the speaking assignment, the town … Continue reading

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Trusting in Another’s Help

As a friend lamented her estranged son’s absence, I remembered a time when I had protected someone else’s child. I promised to pray for the same help for my friend’s son. Years ago I was in Jerusalem’s Old City, marveling at the … Continue reading

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This Is Not the Life I Asked For

I’m a transplanted Kentucky woman who was raised to take care of a husband and children, be a good cook and a gracious hostess. In addition to those accomplishments, I earned a master’s degree and taught at a Detroit suburb … Continue reading

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Thank you, Doris Schumacher

Has someone ever changed your life with just a few words? Years ago, that happened to me. In fact, a three-minute conversation gave me the vision to get an education. The summer before I entered seventh grade, I met Doris … Continue reading

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A Good Lesson on a Grumpy Morning

Ever notice how the best lessons often come from unexpected sources? I learned that when I met a women who appeared to offer only an empty seat in her breakfast booth. That New York day, my mirror had revealed more … Continue reading

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The Warmest Gift

As a veteran widow, I thought weepy moments during church services were behind me. But during the recent Christmas program, I wiped my eyes often. It was time to draw upon the lesson I learned years ago. The first Christmas … Continue reading

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Ready If Needed

Do you ever wonder how much help you should offer those who go from crisis to crisis? After all, Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Does that mean … Continue reading

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Just Spare Parts

What do you think about folks who decide to be major organ donors upon their death? I’m not asking about just cornea transplants or even specifying a major organ such as the heart. I’m talking about bequeathing the entire body–organs, … Continue reading

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Weathering the Storms

The subtitle of my blog today should be “Thoughts from an Appalachian Woman” instead of “Encouragement.” Because as I write this, I’m watching the Weather Channel’s tracking of Hurricane Sandy and the anticipated journey up the East Coast. Government officials … Continue reading


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