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What I Wish I Could Ask My Dad

On this Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada, I’m pondering all my dad and others like him endured as they fought in various wars. And I wish I could go back in time and find a way … Continue reading

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Our Past Is Not Compelled to Cloud Our Future

Do you ponder long-ago scenes, sometimes with regret? Me, too. In fact, I have a yellowed Peanuts cartoon with which I identify. In it, Charlie Brown is on the pitcher’s mound as Lucy hands him the ball. “Sorry I missed … Continue reading

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Would You Really Want to Be 30 Again?

Recently, over coffee, friends and I discussed our being of a certain age in this youth-oriented society. Soon the invariable question came: Would we really want to be 30 again? Amazingly, none of us wanted to go back in time. … Continue reading

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Ask Those Questions Now

Recently, I’ve been pondering a comment from the late author Alex Haley: “Every time an old person dies, it is just as though a library has burned.” What triggered this? Finding an old World War II photo of my dad … Continue reading

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Make a List of Your Good Qualities

When I’m getting to know a new friend, I ask about special interests or skills. Know what makes me sad? The times I see shoulders drop and hear, “Oh, I can’t do anything special.” And if I begin to list … Continue reading

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We Don’t Have to be Perfect

Because encouragement was a rare item in my early years, I learned to treasure it when it did show up. Today, I understand encouragement’s power in new ways and try to give it as well as receive it. One encouragement … Continue reading

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